How do I buy things (Shop) on Avania?

Once you identify the item you need on our website Click on “Add to Cart”, and the item will be added to cart. Click on “Check Out”, fill in the billing details.  Confirm details by ensuring everything you have filled is correct. Once you are done, click on place order, as simple as that. Once your order is successfully placed,  You will then receive a phone call asking you to confirm the order and when you do, you will be notified how soon to expect your order.

How do I make payments and do you accept Visa card?

Payment is made Via Mpesa,  currently we do not offer card payment options(coming soon). Mpesa Till No: 5694257 Name: Avania Trade and Investments LTD.

I have a complaint about the delivery made yesterday, what should i do?

Please get in touch with our customer care on +254795489369 or

Does Avania do deliveries of products outside Kenya?

Yes, we deliver to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kigali.

Are all products original and genuine?

Yes, all our products are genuine and of international model. In case you doubt any item on our website, do send us an email on

Do you offer payment in installments?

You can pay in two installments. Once you place your order, you can pay half, and then pay the other half when receiving your item.